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Manual Air Shut Off
Manual Air Shut off Preble Diesel Performance

Manual air shut offs in 3, 4, 5, or 6 inch

$0.00 - $132.00
Ford 6.0L Oil Cooler
03-07 Ford 6.0L Necessary Upgrades Preble Diesel Performance

Injector o-rings, STC Fittings, Oil Coolers, Oil Rail Plugs and Pipes, 6.4L Banjo Bolt upgrade kit, Blue Spring Regulator kit

$10.99 - $379.00
Timing Cover 94-98 Dodge 12V
Cummins 12V Timing Cover 94-98 Dodge Preble Diesel Performance

12V Cummins Timing Cover

Dodge Cummins 12V Front Timing Cover Gasket Set JV5072
Cummins Front Main Seal and Timing Cover Gaskets Mahle

Victor Reinz Cummins Timing cover gaskets and Front main seals with wear sleeves

$28.99 - $42.95
Cummins 4089742
94-02 Cummins Vacuum Pump Reseal Kit Cummins

Cummins Vacuum Pump Reseal Kit

P7100 Overflow Valve
Cummins P7100 Overflow Valve Tork Teknology

P7100 Overflow valve

$27.95 - $49.95
RevX oil treatment 2 Bottles
REVX Oil Treatment REV-X

Rev-X Oil Treatment, Purchase One, Two, Three, or Four Bottles

$17.95 - $115.00
Pink Wicked Piston Shirt
PINK Wicked Piston Shirt Preble Diesel Performance

Feeling Guilty? Pick up a pink Wicked Piston Shirt for the wife or girlfriend.

P Pump Dual Feed Kit
P Pump Dual Feed Kit Vulcan Diesel Performance

Allows fuel to enter from two points to keep that hungry P Pump fed! 

Dodge Killer Dowel Pink Kit
Dodge Killer Dowel Pin Kit BD Diesel

gasket, oil seal, dowel pin

$111.00 - $132.00